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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement in Gilbert, AZ

The garbage disposal is an extremely convenient device for getting rid of food waste. It prevents organic trash from piling up and filling your kitchen with foul odors. Instead, you can dump most food waste down the kitchen sink. The device is hooked up to your kitchen sink, and it shreds leftovers to pieces less than one-tenth of an inch small. This way, food waste can pass through the plumbing without problems. The system has become more and more popular over time. Today, over half of US households have garbage disposal units installed.

Besides being a convenient appliance, garbage disposal devices serve a globally important role. Since food waste makes up about one-fifth of total household waste, it's also a significant factor in municipal waste. On average, food scraps are composed of 70% water, so it's not energy-efficient to destroy them via burning. Furthermore, burying food waste leads to decomposition and the release of harmful greenhouse gases. Garbage disposals combine with the advantage of plumbing, sewers, and water treatment plants to solve the food waste issue more efficiently.

The Importance of Preventive Care for Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal performs a difficult job every time it has a new batch of food to slice. To do this job properly, the appliance must be in optimal condition. This means the blades must be undamaged, the mechanism tight, and the garbage disposal mustn't be clogged. If the machine is used when it's not in good shape, it can severely damage the mechanism or blades. While clogs won't damage the motor, they'll prevent the garbage disposal from functioning. If a hard object causes the clog, it might lead to serious damage to the blades.

There are some fairly straightforward ways to keep the appliance clean and operational. 

These steps will ensure the garbage disposal suffers no unnecessary damage, but it can't prevent actual malfunctions or the wearing down of individual parts:

  • Run the garbage disposal for some time every day. This will prevent any buildup of food scraps inside.
  • Every time you're grinding food, water should be running. Turn on the faucet before you start the garbage disposal and leave it running a bit after it's done.
  • Don't put too much waste in the disposal at once. Instead, break it into smaller sections and push them in one at a time.

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Garbage Disposal Repair Gilbert, AZ

While there are numerous resources where you can find advice on how to attempt a garbage disposal repair yourself, there are cases when the job is best left to the professionals.

Here are some repairs and troubleshooting you could do on your own:

  • If the appliance isn't working at all, check the fuses or circuit breakers. You can also inspect the reset button, which will indicate if the machine has overheated.
  • In the event of a jam, you can try to unclog the garbage disposal. This should only be done when the power to the appliance is shut off, and you should approach the jam from the bottom side.
  • Never attempt to clear the clog from the kitchen sinkhole—that's the side where the blades are. If you don't have the right tools or are worried about the potential mess, it's best to call our service.

If you notice issues other than those described, they probably won't be easy to fix without the proper tools and know-how. This might be the case if your appliance won't turn on even when there's power coming to it, or when you're certain there's a jam or a clog but can't locate it. If there's a loud noise, it could be due to loose or broken parts of the mechanism, and leaks might indicate parts of the unit needs to be replaced.

When it comes to issues that seem more serious, the best thing you can do is contact our service. Our technicians will be there on short notice, evaluate the problem, and promptly attend to the repairs.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Gilbert Arizona

Even with all the care and maintenance, sometimes it's necessary to replace the garbage disposal unit. This can be due to regular wear and tear, serious damage, or a severe malfunction of a part of the machine. This isn't unusual, especially for appliances that are about ten years old, which is the average life expectancy for a garbage disposal. Replacement is a routine job for the experts.

Here at Edwards Plumbing, we pay great attention to each garbage disposal replacement. When you contact our team, you'll get an evaluation and advice from professional technicians, and we can recommend the perfect replacement unit for you.

Call us for garbage disposal repair and replacement in Gilbert, AZ and the wider Phoenix metro area, and your new appliance will be installed and working in no time.

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