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As a business owner, the health of your plumbing system is not only essential for your operation; it's vital for your overall livelihood. Edwards Plumbing LLC specializes in expert commercial plumbing designed to improve your plumbing system's functionality and prevent avoidable and commonly expensive plumbing issues. Don't wait until a problem strikes before you take action. Let us help you head a plumbing disaster off at the pass.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services

Because there are so many things that can go wrong with your plumbing system, it's crucial you work with commercial plumbers who offer a multitude of plumbing services. Some of the services we can provide include annual inspections, preventative maintenance, scheduled service, backflow prevention, storm drain cleaning, regular drain cleaning, septic services, and water filtration.

Our goal is to help ensure your plumbing system always performs at its absolute best and save you as much time and money as possible at the same time. Sometimes this means performing extensive work on your plumbing system. If that's the case, know that we'll do everything we can to take proper care of your plumbing system; we see no reason our customers should go without the plumbing system their business needs to perform at its peak.

Our Commercial Plumbing services include:

Plumbing Diagnostics:

Our company has a quarter of a century of experience in providing customers with plumbing services, including diagnostic tests. The technology used for diagnostics includes cameras, infrared thermometers, detectors, and more. Our team will show you the big picture of your plumbing with no details left behind.

Plumbing Repair:

Because we know how troubling and urgent plumbing issues can be, at Edwards Plumbing LCC, we make sure to perform every repair with speed and expertise. For all emergencies, our 24-hour emergency team is ready to react seven days a week.

Gas Line Repair & Replacement:

 At Edwards Plumbing LCC, we consider gas line repairs urgent and crucial work. That's why, once an issue is detected, our trained professionals will move in to quickly and safely perform the repair or replacement.

Leak Detection:

There's no need to worry about hidden leaks causing trouble. At Edwards Plumbing LCC, we have every piece of equipment needed to detect where the leak's coming from. No matter if the leak stems from the supply or sewer lines, our experienced technicians will find and repair it at a moment's notice.


Whether you're experiencing plumbing issues or not, if the plumbing in your building is old, re-piping is the safest option. Our company can help you determine if re-piping is needed, and you can consult with our technicians about the details. We are certain to complete the project to your satisfaction and with reasonable deadlines.

Water Heaters & softeners

 Hot Water Heater Installation: 

 There's a wide range of brands of commercial water heaters we can install, either conventional or tankless. Whichever brand and warranty option you choose, our experienced team will provide you with an efficient, reliable installation service.

Tankless Water Heaters:

We at Edwards Plumbing LCC are proud to provide tankless water heater installations. This type of water heater is extremely beneficial and efficient, which is why we're happy to install tankless water heaters. We can also provide you with advice and valuable information about the way these water heaters function.

Water Softener Installation:

We offer commercial water softener installation, repair, and part replacement services. Installing water softeners is our recommendation for most commercial buildings, and you can call us any time to get a detailed quote for the job. Our experienced, trained technicians will perform a reliable installation, and you'll be equipped with a quality water softener in short order.

Drain & Sewer Experts

Drain Cleaning Gilbert, AZ: 

We start with a thorough inspection of the drains to detect less apparent problems. Our crew can then use their knowledge, experience, and professional tools to make the drains maximally clean. Our service will help you avoid plumbing issues and make your drains flow perfectly.

Hydro Jetting:

Our hydro jetting service will ensure your pipes are clear of debris without any chemicals involved. With the latest and most excellent tools and methods, we perform careful and thorough plumbing maintenance, so you don't have to suffer unforeseen plumbing complications or expenses in the future.

Plumbing Video Inspections:

We perform video inspections of your pipework with mini-cameras threaded through the pipes. We'll detect every existing or potential problem during the inspection and recommend further steps, such as repairs or replacements.

Trenchless Sewer Line:

Trenchless sewer lines are highly dependable and functional as a restoration method for old pipework. We perform this type of repair either by pipelining or pipe bursting techniques. Since this method is relatively new, feel free to ask us about the details and why we would recommend it.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement:

Our industry-leading methods and tools ensure the most reliable sewer line repair and replacement. A team of trained technicians will make any problem in the pipeline disappear, and we'll quickly get your sewer line working as it should.

Sewer Line Replacement: 

You can count on our experts to evaluate the condition of your sewer line and tell you if it needs replacing. If it does, our team can get on the job immediately and expertly perform the replacement. You'll be rid of the inconvenience and the health hazard of a faulty sewer line in the shortest amount of time.

Sewer System Backups:

We resolve any sewer backup issues using specialized equipment and expert methods. At Edwards Plumbing LCC, we know how essential it is to deal with sewer system backups as soon as they appear. That's why you can count on our team to arrive at the spot on short notice and dependably fix the problem.

Sump Pumps:

A sump pump is a vital appliance that protects your property from water damage. That's why we take great care to repair and maintain all sump pumps, regardless of type or size. When we receive a call from you, our knowledgeable technicians can come and inspect the pump or provide repair services right away.

Reliability Is Our Bottom Line

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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Out of all the business plumbing services we provide, one of the most essential is preventative maintenance. Frequently, major plumbing issues start as minor plumbing issues, which means that just because everything seems to be flowing smoothly doesn't necessarily mean there aren't areas that require your attention. For this reason, we always recommend you take a proactive approach and schedule preventative maintenance on your plumbing system at least once a year.

Besides taking care of minor plumbing issues, preventative maintenance also helps extend your plumbing system's overall life expectancy. If you can't remember the last time your commercial plumbing was serviced, schedule an appointment with our professional technicians today; doing so could save you money and trouble down the line.


If you'd like to find out more about our business plumbing services, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment, we are just a quick phone call away. Call (480) 712-2081.

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