Use A Water Softener System To Treat Your Hard Arizona Water

Arizona water is notoriously hard, filled with heavy metals that make it discolor porcelain surfaces and leave harsh residue in unsightly places. Adding water softeners to your plumbing system can reduce the harmful effects of hard water. Pipes, tubs, clothing, hair, and skin can all be improved considerably.

Protect Your Pipes and Basins

Hard water in pipes causes deposits of limescale to build up. This reduces the overall efficiency of your plumbing and erodes the metal, causing leaks. Bathroom tile also ends up looking dingy because of calcium and magnesium. Showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets all suffer from orange-hued rings and stains from iron. Water softeners dissolve these metals and protect your fixtures.

Soften Up Your Clothing, Hair, and Skin

A lesser-known downside of hard water is that your laundry can feel stiff, your hair gets frizzy split-ends, and your skin can feel brittle and dry. For softer laundry, healthier hair, and softer skin, add a water softener treatment to your supply.

We Know Water Softeners

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