How Reverse Osmosis Makes Your Water More Drinkable

If your tap water consistently has a weird odor or taste that makes it unpalatable to drink, reverse osmosis filtration can transform your skunky water for the better. Reverse osmosis systems use a filtering membrane so effective it can remove even tiny impurities, greatly enhancing your water’s taste and smell.

Why You Might Need an RO System

What might motivate you to invest in reverse osmosis filtration? Consider an RO system if any of the following apply to you:

•      Odd color. Water that comes out of the tap looking yellowish, brown or cloudy is an obvious red flag.

•      Bad odor or taste. If your water has a fishy or unpleasant smell or a metallic or bitter taste, that’s a good indicator your water contains contaminants that should be filtered out.

•      Health concerns. If your household includes small children, an elderly person, or family members with chronic health conditions, your water needs to be pure for their safety.

Benefits of Great Tasting RO Water

Does better-tasting water really make a difference? You may decide it does if any of the following benefits matter to you:

•      Healthier hydration. Improving the taste and quality of your tap water helps with establishing a habit of drinking water instead of less healthy beverages.

•      Eliminating bottled water. The cost of maintaining an RO system is less in the long run than buying bottled water week in and week out.

•      Better cooking with better water. Purifying your water keeps contaminants out of your soups and gravies, not just your water bottle.

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