Ensure Your Water Heater Is Safely Installed

Water heaters are a terrific modern convenience that facilitates cooking, cleaning and bathing. Like most home systems, proper operation and maintenance are crucial to ensure you enjoy your appliances safely. Review the following tips to ensure your water heater remains safe.

Potential Hazards From Water Heaters

Your water heater is no cause for alarm if a professional installs and maintains it. However, malfunctioning water heaters can release dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, into your home. Ensure your heater vents don't have any dips and are correctly fitted to the tank. Purchase a carbon monoxide detector to monitor your home's air quality.

A failing heater can leak, potentially causing flooding in your home. Avoid flooding by checking the tank regularly for leaks and by monitoring your water bill. If you have an electric water heater, be sure to test the temperature-pressure relief.

Water heaters can overheat and cause a fire. No combustible items should be near your heater, particularly a gas-powered unit. Keep flammable liquids, fabrics and debris away from the location. A small leak can be enough to cause a terrible disaster.

Help To Keep Water Heaters Safe

Any appliance can become dangerous if you don't care for it properly, so follow scheduled maintenance and rely on expert technicians to keep units safe, including your water heaters. Call on Edwards Plumbing for any concerns you have about your water heater.