How To Properly Unclog A Drain With An Experienced Plumber

An experienced plumber is the best person to help you unclog a drain especially if it has severe blockages. Contact the plumber as soon as possible once you realize a problem exists, and avoid trying to solve it yourself in case that makes it worse. Many plumbers use miniature cameras to inspect your pipes and see what's going on. For the most serious clogs, hydro jets may be necessary to break down the drain buildup.

How Plumbers Unclog a Drain

Experienced plumbers inspect the pipes first to assess how water runs in the home or business and figure out what is causing the blockage. A pipe camera helps, too. Plumbers use a video camera connected to a cable and navigate it through the drain system to see which tools are best for fixing the clog.

A plunger may work for light clogs, and hair snakes might be effective on hair knotted in the drain. Manual drain snakes can work where plungers do not.

Meanwhile, motorized drain snakes with their additional power tend to be effective for bigger, durable clots. Sometimes, plumbers use drain augers instead of snakes if the pipes they are working on are bigger. On occasion, plumbers may use cable cleaning and home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar to dissolve clogs.

Plumbers use hydro jets for the toughest, biggest clogs. Another benefit of the jets is that they clean the drain and eliminate residue from pipe walls. They minimize the chances of another big clog.

After a plumber takes care of your drain, consider setting up regular drain cleanings. They keep your pipes sanitary and in good shape and drastically reduce the chances of blockages. Maintenance also avoids sewer overflows.

Unclog Your Drain Today

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