Learn Why Video Inspection Is A Game Changer For Commercial Plumbing Evaluations

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Quality service is a top priority for all business owners. Frequent plumbing issues will not only damage the reputation of the commercial property but result in a loss of revenue. Scheduling regular inspections ensures that the pipes are healthy and improves the plumbing system's performance.

We will discuss how evaluating commercial plumbing with a video inspection can help business owners maintain their standards.

The inspection involves placing a small video camera inside the plumbing system. It provides a close-up of the condition of the pipes. The plumber controls its movements through a control panel with a video screen as the camera travels through the pipes. This device allows him to inspect every nook and cranny of the system and detect problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The service can uncover cracks in the pipework or hidden clogs without disturbing the entire system.

Why it's important

Over time, pipes and drains can suffer damage that will disrupt the regular functioning of a commercial property. Cold weather, damaged supply lines, and sudden changes in the environment around the pipes can cause them to break. Broken pipes need quick repairs, but that's not always possible without a detailed video inspection.

Internal leaks are usually silent and can go undetected for long periods until mold begins to form on the building or the walls deteriorate. Additionally, damaged pipework affects the drain and sewer systems and leads to costly repairs if not addressed quickly.

When drain blockages occur in commercial buildings, they can impact hundreds of people. Commercial pipelines are complex systems, and removing the drain requires the proper knowledge and tools. A video inspection will uncover the location of the clog and ensure that business owners employ the most efficient method to remove the blockage.

Leaks produce excess moisture that attracts the roots of nearby trees. As a result, the roots will spread through the pipeline, searching for water. The bigger the roots become, the more likely they will damage the pipes. Cutting the roots or using chemicals to remove them will only work if the leaks are repaired and there's no extra moisture. The tree roots will keep invading the pipework and compounding the damage unless the pipes are fixed. Only a camera inspection can determine whether a leak within the plumbing network is helping the roots spread through the pipeline.

The benefits of a video inspection

A video inspection can assess the performance of pipes of all shapes and sizes. There's no need to dig up certain system areas and risk damaging the plumbing. The examinations are recorded, which is invaluable when dealing with insurance companies. Also, problems are identified in their initial stages and require less time and money to be resolved.

The video service enables property owners to understand their plumbing better so that they can work with a professional team to implement the most optimal solution.

A video inspection is an investment with high returns

Using video technology to inspect the pipework is a cost-efficient and time-saving device to keep commercial properties up and running. The owner gets insights about improving the business operations and avoids plumbing emergencies through regular video checkups.

Contact a certified plumber to schedule a video inspection of the pipes and better protect the property.

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