What Causes A Garbage Disposal Unit To Leak From The Bottom?

A Technician

Garbage disposal is useful and one of the most hardworking home appliances. These units help with kitchen clean-up by properly disposing of the food waste.  It prevents frequent clogs or leaks in the kitchen sink drains that may require costly repairs by a professional plumber, reduces odor, saves time and money, and protects the environment. 

Garbage disposals offer several benefits to homeowners. However, like any other home appliance, problems do occur at some point. 

How likely is it that a garbage disposal unit will leak?

Unfortunately, leaks are quite common with garbage disposal units. Leaking garbage disposal is messy, and if ignored or left untreated for long, can cause severe water damage. It creates puddles in the cabinet or the floor under the kitchen sink, produces annoying dripping sounds, and makes the kitchen smelly and dirty.

A garbage disposal may leak from the top, side, or bottom. Finding the spot that the leak is coming from helps you understand the situation's severity and aids in planning the repairs.

Why does garbage disposal leak from the bottom?

When garbage disposal has leaks originating from the unit's bottom, it means that it needs replacement. Leakage from the holes, screws, or the reset button indicates internal damage that is only temporarily repairable, and the homeowner may face the same issue again after a few days. Replacement is the only possible solution to avoid all the hassles.

If a garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, it is generally due to the following reasons:

Busted internal seal

The purpose of the internal garbage disposal seal is to protect the motor and prevent leaks. As the unit ages and nears its lifespan, the seal wears out and fails to perform its intended role. It causes the water to leak from the base of the unit. If the new garbage disposal reset button is leaking, the manufacturer's warranty will cover its replacement cost.


Inspect the body of the unit for signs of cracks and wet spots. Old garbage disposal develops cracks along the interior lining surrounding the appliance, causing the water to leak.

Position of the unit

Garbage disposals are often installed underneath the kitchen sink and share the space with cleaning supplies and other objects. The unit can move out of place due to a knock or bump. Realign the disposal if it has shifted, and inspect the seals. 

What to do next?

When the garbage disposal leaks from the reset button, performing repairs is an option, but it is not worth the time, money, and effort. The best and the most feasible solution is to purchase a new unit. Depending on the usage and the appliance quality, garbage disposals have a life expectancy of ten years. If the appliance clocks over ten years and it's leaking from the bottom, consider replacing it.

Contact a local plumber to inspect the garbage disposal if there are still apprehensions about the cause of the leak. They can check if any underlying plumbing issue is behind your garbage disposal woes.

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