The Importance Of Plumbing Inspections Before Buying An Old Home

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Even though it was the charm of an older home that caught your attention, there may be less than charming attributes hiding underground or in the walls of your new home. While it’s always wise to have a home inspected before purchase to uncover foundation and roofing issues and outdated electrical wiring, it’s equally important to have the plumbing inspected to avoid troubles down the road. Leaks, rotten pipes, and old appliances may lead to unanticipated, costly repairs or new installations to the new homeowner.  However, a plumbing inspection can prevent unnecessary expenses.

Conduct a thorough leak inspection

Even the most minor leaks add to water bills. A home inspection should include detecting leaks throughout the home and other wear and tear that may create more significant plumbing issues in the future. An experienced plumber will know to check toilets, showers, pipes, the water heater, and sinks for leaks. Anything that connects to the water of the home needs an inspection before purchase. 

While a small leak should not be cause for significant concern, the environment it creates can be. Mold and mildew growth produce allergens and can lead to reactions, irritations, and toxicity for home dwellers. Burst pipes lead to water damage and more considerable expenses—all of which can be mitigated with a thorough inspection.

Check for lead pipes, fittings, or fixtures

Homes built before 1986 may have lead pipes. Even small amounts of lead getting into your water are detrimental. According to the CDC, lead pipes cause health problems such as learning disabilities and anemia in children and increased blood pressure and kidney and reproductive problems in adults. Thankfully the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act forced all new plumbing materials to be lead-free in the United States. Though it is not likely for lead to be present, a plumbing inspection can find out before you step foot into your new house. 

Know the condition of the water heater

When purchasing an older home, you are also potentially acquiring older appliances. The advances in technology allow for better energy efficiencies and water heating capacity in newer water heating systems. A plumbing inspection will uncover the current water heater’s age, location, condition, and capacity. Such information helps a new homeowner determine whether the unit will require repair or replacement soon. 

Determine problems with the sewer system

Sewage-related woes often go beyond the gross and smelly problems most people can imagine. Systems not up to code or with extensive damage can be costly to repair. Understanding the sewer system’s health arms the buyer with what they are up against when negotiating the final home price.

Whole-home repiping is not cheap and is often not considered during the buying process. In many cases, lenders won’t finance a new home without a home inspection. In addition to the foundation and roofing, inspecting the plumbing is crucial when purchasing an older home.

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