Plumbing Tricks To Help In A Pinch

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Plumbing emergencies are a nightmare for every homeowner. They can happen anytime and cause inconvenience by disrupting routine life. From leaking pipes and joints and clogged drains to a running toilet and faulty water heater, discovering plumbing issues create extreme stress and panic. Plumbing problems often go undetected, wasting thousands of gallons of water and causing extensive damages that can hurt your wallet.

Some plumbing issues demand immediate attention. A little knowledge about common plumbing emergencies can go a long way in efficiently managing or averting a plumbing catastrophe.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help minimize the damage until a local plumber comes to your rescue.

Leaky pipe joints

All pipes are susceptible to developing leaks at the joints. A leaking pipe joint is a common and among the most frequent issues residential and commercial property owners encounter. Wrap a waterproof silicone repair tape around the pipe to fix the problem—the tape self-amalgamates and seals the leaky areas. Epoxy putty is another repair material used to seal hard-to-access pipe areas. Using a rubber pipe connector or repair sleeve can also stop the leak in the pipe joint until repairs can be made.

Clogged drain

Kitchen and bathroom drains are most likely to clog up at some point. However, chemical drain cleaning solutions can cause the pipes to deteriorate over time. Instead, to unclog the drain, pour boiling water into the sink as this may free up the drain. Another option is to pour equal parts baking soda and vinegar into the drain, allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then flush with hot water to unclog the pipe. Yet another way is to create a hook by bending the coat hanger and putting it into the drain cover to clear the clog slowly.

Leaking pipes

Pipe leaks, big or small, can quickly turn into a major plumbing issue if not fixed quickly. Some common reasons for pipe leak include high water pressure, corrosion, poor installation, clogs, tree root intrusion, and extreme temperature fluctuations. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, find the main water valve and turn it off to stop the water supply. Then, use wraps, clamps, or epoxy compound as a temporary fix till the plumber inspects and finds a more permanent solution.

Cracked porcelain

The sink, the bottom of the toilet, and the bathtub can develop cracks, and the water can flood the bathroom. Homeowners need to find a quick solution to avoid water damage. Applying plumbers putty to the leak and caulking over it can seal the crack. Consider replacing the fixtures after the professional arrives.

Water heater issues

A faulty or malfunctioning water heater fails to provide hot water when required. Sediment deposits at the bottom of the tank block the heating element, and the heater takes more time and uses more electricity to heat water. Flushing the water heater can improve its efficiency. It is an easy process that homeowners can perform without any professional assistance.

Give these quick fixes a shot until a reliable plumbing service arrives. Experienced plumbers can offer a fast and effective solution to all plumbing emergencies. Professionals can also suggest additional tips and tricks to keep the home plumbing in the best shape.

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