Reasons To Hire Your Own Plumber

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Occasionally a homeowner will need a plumbing job done, such as installing a water heater. They'll head to the big box store down the road, buy one that's in stock, which they and a helpful associate chose. The associate will ask if they want it installed. The obvious answer is "yes."

Then they create a subcontract for the job with a plumber, who shows up and installs it.

Sounds excellent, right? Maybe, but some details would be helpful to know.

Should you hire your own plumber?

If a homeowner hires a plumber, they get to select the one they want instead of having the big box store be the middleman. Hiring a plumber means they're not reliant on the methods of a store in their hiring process. The plumber won't be restricted by the pricing, hours, etc., given by the big box store, and they work for the homeowner. Sometimes the big box store subcontractors are plumbers that aren't able to drum up enough business on their own. Usually, the big box store will continue to get them to do jobs until a complaint is filed. Which is fantastic for them, unless you're the one with the complaint, at which point it's too late.

The plumbing needs after a job

One of the perks of hiring one's own plumber is that it doesn't involve a third party. They will come when asked, particularly if one has an emergency after hours when the big box store has closed for the day.

They aren't parts focused

Hiring one's own plumber comes with the advantage of the plumber coming out to repair an appliance no matter where it was purchased. They also possess several parts more than what's for sale at the big box store. If a water heater has time left in it, the plumber will repair it and not try to sell a new one on top of a replacement charge cost.

They will also provide the size they think is needed based on their own professional opinion. Not that sales associates at big box stores aren't good at their job, but if it is between someone who has installed them for ten years or a person that has some gold stars on his name tag, the more experienced person is likely more qualified to identify the homeowner's needs.


Big box stores provide a warranty. However, if they have several lawsuits against them, it may be an indicator to avoid their installation service. For a rule of thumb, big box stores have big lawyers, and they aren't something an average person should take on. So, perhaps it seemed easiest to hire the big box store to choose a plumber instead of doing research, but that research needs to be done regardless, except it's the big box store that's being scrutinized.

Final conclusions

Plumbing is the worst place for shoddy quality. Assuming there are no local plumbers with credentials, or if you aren't happy with their assessment or free estimate, the big box store might be your best bet. However, if the plumber has an established reputation, is upfront and fair regarding their prices and warranty, and have the all-important license, bond and insurance, then you should probably forgo the big box store and hire the plumber yourself.

As soon as you find a plumbing company you feel comfortable with, it can offer you peace of mind knowing that you have someone you can call for almost anything from small issues to larger emergencies. Don't hesitate to give us a call!

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