How A Water Softener Improves Your Water Quality

A faucet

Many Arizona residents get their water supply from wells. Unfortunately, well water contains minerals that “harden” the water. As you might already realize, this leaves a residue that makes you never feel quite as clean as you do when bathing, washing and cooking with soft water. Using water softeners help to reduce these problems and more.

What the Downsides of Hard Water Are

If you have always lived in Arizona or other desert areas, you might have grown so accustomed to hard water that you see no reason to soften it. Consider these effects of hard water before making a decision:

  • Buildup in appliances and plumbing that damages them over time

  • Stains in the bathroom, sinks and toilet

  • Dryness of the hair and skin

  • Faded clothing color, particularly in brighter and darker clothing

How To Soften Your Water

There are several ways to soften water. For instance, some people boil it before using it. Others use distilled vinegar or add some washing soda when doing laundry. Unfortunately, these tackle only specific problems hard water causes. A much better option is to install water filters that act as softeners.

Some people install these softeners on specific water inlets or even inside their RVs. Others use a water-softening system at the main supply line. This is often a more expensive option in the short run. However, it saves you time and money in the long run. Many manufacturers and suppliers also offer lengthy to even lifetime warranties for your peace of mind.

How To Choose a System

There are several different systems to choose from. The two main types are salt-free water softeners and then chloride, sodium or potassium softeners. The main difference is that salt-free softeners do not strip the minerals from the water that harden it, but the others do. Instead, salt-free softeners make it more difficult for those minerals to bond together and to other surfaces.

Are you ready to install a water softener but you’re not sure which one is right for you? Contact Edwards Plumbing and we’ll help you make the right decision.