Is A Sump Pump Necessary For Your Home?

A leak

It is reasonable to expect that you want to maintain the value of your home, while also avoiding unnecessary costly repairs, but is a sump pump a good investment? If you have a basement, a sump pump is worth looking into, especially if you live in a rainy environment.

How It Works

A sump pump keeps your basement dry. There are two types of pumps, a pedestal pump and a submersible pump, but both operate on the same principle. Installing the pump requires a pit that will serve as a holding area for water. The pit is lower than the rest of the basement, which means any water that floods into your basement will flow into it. As the water reaches the full line, it activates a switch that will turn on the pump, creating a centrifugal inside the pump that then moves the water out through a discharge line. The mechanics of the system are self-operating, leaving you responsible only for regular maintenance.

Why You Need It

Almost every home with a basement can benefit from the installation of a sump pump because basements are vulnerable to flooding issues. With heavy rainfall, water can build up at your home’s foundation. The materials used to construct the foundation are inherently porous, so when water accumulates it seeps through tiny holes and into your basement. Even a single large flooding event can cause significant water damage to your home and your belongings. Most foundations are damp proof rather than waterproof, so if you are uncertain as to which type of sealant has been applied to your foundation, it is safest to take additional measures to safeguard your house.

Not every home requires the installation of a sump pump, but if you have a basement that is already prone to flooding, a sump pump is a good idea. This is often true for older homes. Unless you are absolutely certain that the foundation of your new house is completely waterproof, it might also be vulnerable to flooding. In either case, a sump pump will help you to avoid costly water damage repairs when your basement floods.