Top Reasons You May Need To Re-Pipe Your Home

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Your home’s piping system is one of its most important parts, even if you rarely see it, but it can also cause the biggest headaches. If you are experiencing serious problems with your water system, you may need to get your home re-piped. By understanding these important warning signs you can determine if you are likely to need new pipes in your home.

You’re Getting Frequent Leaks

The most costly way to discover that your pipes are in need of total replacement is to experience multiple and frequent leaks. While leaks can occur even in newer systems, if your home is routinely developing leaks throughout the home it is likely a sign that the entire system is failing and you need to replace your pipes to avoid future problems.

Your Water is Discolored

Another strong indicator that there is something wrong with the pipes in your home is if you are getting discolored water, usually brown or red. This is an indication that either the outside service has been contaminated or that the pipes in your home have begun to seep rust into your running water. This is dangerous and needs to be rectified immediately.

Your Water Pressure is Low

If you turn on your faucets and the water flowing out is weak and slow, that can also be a sign that you have bad pipes that need to be replaced. You may have undiscovered leaks reducing the water supply, or deterioration that is preventing proper flow, and if they are severe enough a full replacement may be the only remedy.

Getting the pipes in your home replaced can be an intimidating proposition but the costs and damages of putting it off can be even worse. From health risks due to contaminated water to costly water damage, if your pipes are past their suitability it’s time to call in the pros. Contact a plumbing professional today before you have a big problem tomorrow.