Plumbing Projects That Require A Professional Contractor

A technician

Removing a small clog from your toilet or sink can leave you feeling confident and in charge of your plumbing. Unfortunately, there are many more projects that are best left to the professionals. Learn more about these common plumbing projects and why they require a professional contractor.

Water Heater Repair

Whether you have a conventional water heater or a tankless design, these systems require professional expertise. Water heaters combine high-voltage electricity, hot water and sometimes fuel lines. This can be a dangerous combination if you experience a leak or a frayed wire. Replacing a water heater involves moving a bulky, heavy tank, which can take two or more individuals to safely install. It’s best to leave this project to a licensed plumbing contractor.

Leaking Water Lines

Your water supply lines are pressurized and made of copper, plastic or other material. Copper in particular is a difficult material to repair on your own. Instead of soldering your own water lines, hire an experienced plumber to ensure your lines are sealed safely and don’t allow contaminants to enter your water supply.

Difficult Clogs

Minor clogs in your kitchen sink or toilet may be easy to remove with a plunger or snake tool. More serious clogs require professional equipment and expertise. Contact a plumber if you’re having difficulty removing a clog from your drain line. Don’t wait until your sinks begin overflowing, but promptly call a plumber for emergency drain cleaning services.

Remodeling Projects

Adding water lines, drain lines and new fixtures requires a plumbing permit. While it may seem like a straightforward project, it can be difficult to ensure water lines are free from leaks and drain lines have the correct angle for proper drainage. Work with a plumbing contractor near you for hassle-free remodeling and leak-free plumbing. Enjoy an efficient remodeling project by leaving these technical details to the professionals and focusing on your dream design.