Edwards Plumbing Offers Plumbing Tips On ABC 15


How to prevent plumbing disasters and protect your home.
Understanding common plumbing problems and performing preventative maintenance can help you avoid devastating plumbing problems when out of town or away from your home. The first step for preventative maintenance involves understanding these common issues. Below are a few common maintenance items that will save you from common plumbing disasters.

Repair leaking faucets and showerheads.
Leaking faucets can waste a lot of water and that can add unnecessary dollars to your bill. Check your facets regularly for leaks and make repairs as needed. Check underneath the sinks for water stains or drips when the water is running. This can also lead to mold damage if not properly maintained.

Unclog slow drains.
When the water is slow to drain there may be a problem. You can use a variety of products, but you can use a common mixture of vinegar and hot water to flush down the drain. This can be done every month and will get the drain flowing again.

Fix leaky toilets.
Over years, grime and gunk will form around the valve seat and flapper. This will cause the flapper to not seal correctly. This will cause the water to continue to run and waste money.
Be careful what you flush or pour down the drain!

The easiest way to prevent issues with your home plumbing is to be careful what you flush or pour down them to begin with. Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Avoid pouring grease and other damaging elements down your kitchen sink to prevent clogs and long-term damage.

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