Watch Out For These Warning Signs To Prevent Excessive Damage Caused By Sewer System Backups

A technician working on a bathroom sink

Your home’s sewer system is an integral part of the plumbing. Most homeowners do not pay it any mind until it causes problems, and those issues can be severe. Water can back up into the house. This water carries waste and potentially diseases. It is critical to be aware of the warning signs your system has a problem, so you can take action immediately.

Slow Draining Toilets and Sinks

One of the first signs you have a problem with the sewer system is that various fixtures fail to drain. After you try basic solutions to unclog a drain, you need to look deeper. A professional plumber can use a camera to see how far the clog goes. You also need to pay attention if the fixture still drains slowly or gurgles while draining. These problems indicate a blockage within the main line.

Strong Odors

When a clog only exists in one drain, it typically will not have a pungent odor. At this point, the clog is only sending water back up the pipe. When the sewer sends water and debris back up a drain, it will be accompanied by a strong stench. This is waste coming back up the pipes. It will smell awful, and it could bring a host of diseases into your property.

Tree Roots

If you have any trees in or around your property, then you need to make sure those roots do not affect your sewer system. The roots can penetrate the pipes, blocking water from flowing adequately. After clogging the system, the roots will eventually cause the pipe to burst. Signs of intrusion include no water in the toilet bowl, fixtures not draining properly and gurgling sounds coming from the toilet.

There are various ways you can unclog a fixture on your own. When that does not work, you need to request a camera inspection from a professional plumber.