Hydro Jetting: How To Get Rid Of Plumbing Clogs Quickly

hydro jet

Clogs cause major problems for homeowners. Slow drains are frustrating and can turn cooking and cleaning into a real chore. Total blockage leads to unpleasant situations as you try to shower or get ready for work, even causing foul odors. It’s obvious that getting rid of clogs is a priority. That’s where hydro jetting really shines.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

This state-of-the-art technology uses high-pressure water to clean drain pipes completely from the inside. A special nozzle is introduced into pipes that directs high-intensity blasts of water at any obstructions while simultaneously washing the plumbing system. Hydro jetting often means water pressure of up to 35,000 psi.

The process is effective at removing a wide variety of blockages:

  • Hair

  • Grease and fat

  • Soap buildup

  • Food waste

  • Minerals

Advantages of Hydro Jetting for Clogs

The process of hydro jetting is a great alternative to the traditional snaking method of clog removal. Here’s why many homeowners prefer it:

  • No chemicals: If environmental concerns are important to you, then hydro jetting is an optimal choice. There are no harsh, man-made chemicals used during the cleaning process — just water.

  • Preventative maintenance: A major benefit of high-pressure water is the way it removes clogs and cleans at the same time. By leaving pipes spotless on the inside, you don’t have to worry about any more clogs for a long time.

  • Grease removal: Traditional snaking can take care of leaves and hair, but grease is another story. Hydro jetting has no problem with fats and food waste, leading to pipes that are squeaky clean.

  • Odor elimination: By completely getting rid of waste, hydro jetting removes the root cause of bad odors.

Schedule Hydro Jetting Right Away

There’s no reason for you to suffer with clogged drains. If you notice slow drains or blockages, call the experts at Edwards Plumbing immediately to schedule hydro jetting for your home. Your pipes will thank you, and so will your family.