Does Warmer Weather Affect Your Plumbing?


Many homeowners know that winter is hard on plumbing. Icy weather conditions in colder states can cause pipes to freeze or burst. Not having to deal with frozen pipes is a major advantage of living in Arizona. Can warm weather affect plumbing?

Does Warm Weather Affect Plumbing?

Extreme heat can have a negative effect on plumbing. Heat causes metal pipes to expand further, which can lead to leaks or pipe breaks if the system is old. There are also several indirect causes of plumbing problems in spring and summer:

  • Tree roots

  • Dry soil

  • Increased water usage

  • Active lifestyle changes

Heat waves can lead to loose soil. When this soil settles, some homes experience cracks in concrete, water pipes or sewer pipes. In addition, since heat waves mean using a lot more water to keep plants hydrated, irrigation systems are more prone to breaking down.

Common Warm Weather Plumbing Problems in Arizona

As temperatures increase, it’s important for Arizona residents to keep an eye on potential plumbing issues. Here’s how to detect some of the most common problems:

  • Leaking pipes: Hot weather isn’t friendly to pipes. Visible leaks from rusty pipes are easy to see. If your water usage spikes, it can be a sign you have a break somewhere in your plumbing.

  • Slow drains: Sometimes slow drains are the result of having lots of parties and barbecues with friends in summertime. They can also be caused by obstructions from plant matter or tree roots.

  • Backed-up sewer pipes: Increased usage over summer can lead to complete blockages. Call a plumber immediately.

  • Low water pressure: This usually means you have a leak somewhere in the supply line. It can also mean it’s time to upgrade an old pipe system.

The Only Way To Be Sure

If your water bills are abnormally large, or you detect low water pressure or drains that seem clogged, hot weather may directly or indirectly be to blame. To solve the problem as soon as possible — and get to the root cause of issues — contact the experts at Edwards Plumbing immediately for a high-tech inspection.