When To Call A Professional: Sump Pump Issues

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Sometimes the most important thing a homeowner needs to know is when to throw in the towel. While everyone loves a good DIY project for the weekend, some issues can easily get out-of-hand and potentially dangerous. If you’re working on your sump pump and experience some of these issues, it’s time to call a professional.

Improper Sump Pump Size

An overly-large sump pump will work harder and wear out more quickly, while a overly-small pump won’t work effectively to drain your basement. If you determine that your sump pump isn’t working properly because it’s the wrong size, chances are you’ll make the same mistake again. Whether you picked out this sump pump or you’re using the one purchased by the last homeowner, it’s easy to choose the wrong size. Unless you love complicated mathematical equations to determine the proper size and horsepower, call a professional to ensure the proper pump for your home.

Constantly Clogged Lines

A few cases of blockage due to sticks and debris is common. However, if your pump continues to become clogged then you may have an issue with the line. Call a professional to help you determine whether the discharge line isn’t the appropriate size or if you need a more heavy-duty solution to clear the clogged line.

Continued Power Failure

Thunderstorms and tripped breakers can occasionally cause sump pump to lose power. Consistent power failure, however, could be a sign of faulty wiring or a damaged circuit breaker. Combining water and electricity creates a dangerous DIY project, so take a break and call a professional to check out the electrical situation.

Whether it’s your first time checking out your sump pump or you’re an experienced handyman, sometimes it’s best to contact a professional. Look for a local plumber who’s experienced with sump pumps to help you diagnose any issues in a safe and convenient way.