Reasons You Might Need Your Sewer Line Replaced


When was the last time you thought about your sewer line?  If you are like most homeowners, you probably have never thought about it at all!  But, all of your home’s plumbing relies on your sewer line to remove waste out of your home’s plumbing and if it is not functioning properly or needs to be replaced you could begin to experience some major plumbing problems.  If you have never had your sewer line repaired or serviced, it might be a great idea to do so before problems begin to start popping up.  Further, having your sewer line maintained may help you avoid needing a complete sewer line replacement.

While there are some sewer line problems that only need repair, there are certain things that will likely require a sewer line replacement.  The first of these is tree root penetration or intrusion.  When a tree, bush or other plant’s root system penetrates your sewer line it could force itself into the exterior of the pipe in search of water.  If the root is able to invade it will cause cracks, holes and possibly even clog your sewer line.  If the damage is caught early and is very minor it may be able to be repaired but it will likely necessitate sewer line replacement.

Puddles or foul smelling water pooling your yard may be a sign that your sewer line is backed up and now that water is seeping out into your yard.  Not only is it gross but it probably means there is a big problem going on with your sewer line and it may need to be replaced.  Additionally, a single slow drain may be the symptom of a clogged pipe but if you begin to notice that all of your home’s drains (shower, sink, bathtub, etc.) are draining slowly, it is likely a sign that there is a larger sewer line problem at play.  And, if your sewer line pipe collapses (more common in older plumbing systems), there is likely not way to repair it and it will need to be replaced.  If you notice any symptoms of sewer line problems or just want to make sure you are properly maintaining your sewer line, speak to an experienced plumbing professional who can offer you expert insight and assist you with any sewer line repairs or replacements you might need.