Installing A New Toilet Is More Complicated Than You Might Think


When it comes to all things home repair, renovation, and maintenance, the DIY (do it yourself) craze is alive and well.  And, while there are certainly many things homeowners can do themselves, there are others that are just best left to trained professionals.  There is a tutorial on Youtube for just about any home project but watching a video will not make you an expert and many things could go very wrong and end up costing you far more than hiring a professional would have cost.  Installing a new toilet seems straightforward enough, right?  Just disconnect the old toilet and replace all the same connections with the new toilet?  Not exactly.  Installing a new toilet is frequently more complicated than you might think.

Today’s Toilet Isn’t Your Mother’s Toilet

Whether you have a toilet that is 10 years old, 20 years old, or 30 years old, today’s toilets just are not the same.  So much has changed in terms of technology and thus installation that it can be rather complicated to simps ‘replace’ a toilet.  There are toilets with technology features integrated (yes, there are ‘smart’ toilets), tankless toilets, wall-mounted toilets, and more.  Because there is not just one or two types of toilets, the installation has gotten more complicated than it used to be.

You Are Not a Plumber (This Bears Repeating – You Are Not a Plumber)

Even if you are somewhat familiar with how plumbing works and consider yourself relatively handy, you are not a plumber.  We would not come to your job and try to do it after watching a Youtube tutorial and you shouldn’t either.  Even if you can figure out how to DIY the job from videos and online tutorials, it will probably take you much longer than you think.  How valuable is your time?  What else could you be doing with those hours spent trying to figure out how to replace a toilet?  Additionally, do you have all of the necessary tools?  If not, you are going to spend time going to the store and money on tools that you may not ever need again.  In the end, the fee to pay an experienced and knowledgeable plumber will be well worth the investment so that you have peace of mind that your toilet is installed correctly!