3 Common Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Try To Fix Yourself


There is a whole television network dedicated to the DIY lifestyle.  And, while there are certainly many things around your home that you can do yourself, and even plumbing maintenance and minor repairs you can handle, there are certainly plumbing problems you just shouldn’t try to fix yourself.  Not only will it take you far longer than it would take a plumber but it will be costly and could actually damage your plumbing.

3 Common Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Yourself

1. Slow or Clogged Drain

Almost everyone will experience a slow or clogged drain at some point.  Whether it is your kitchen sink, bathroom sink drain, shower drain or somewhere else in the home, slow or clogged drains just happen.  While they are generally pretty avoidable by being careful about what goes down your pipes, slow drains and clogs may still develop.  While it may be as simple as something lodged in the pipe that needs to be removed, it could be a more complicated buildup of grease, hair, debris, dirt, grease, food, and more.  Grabbing one of those drain snakes may help temporarily relieve some of the clog and may even make it seem like your drain is moving more quickly now, the problem will likely keep rearing its head over time.  And, it is ultimately very difficult to visually assess what is happening inside your drain without professional assistance and equipment.  A clog can lead to a multitude of plumbing problems if not repaired so rather than try to DIY it and cross your fingers it works, just hire a professional to inspect your drain and clear the clog.

2. Burst Pipe

This may seem like a no-brainer but if you have a burst pipe, don’t try to fix it yourself!  A burst pipe that is not promptly and properly repaired can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and more!  A burst pipe likely means you will need to replace the entire pipe and that is not something you should attempt to do yourself.  Simply turn off the water and call your trusted plumber to make the necessary repairs.

3. Weak Water Pressure

Nothing is worse than stepping into the shower only to realize the water pressure is weak.  If you notice weak water pressure anywhere in your home there could be a number of reasons including buildup inside the pipes, broken water valves, or leaks.  It can be very difficult to assess what the source of the problem is but if it is a leak that you cannot see it could damage your home and cost you a lot in utilities so it is best to have a professional investigate the source of low water pressure as soon as possible.