If You Are Experiencing These 3 Things – You May Need Your Gas Line Serviced


Many homes have gas lines that power things like their home’s heating or cooking range.  And, while gas is a great option and, when functioning as it should, is completely safe, there are times when you may need to have your gas line serviced. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous so signs of a leak should never be ignored. If you notice any of the 3 things below, it is important to contact an experienced plumber right away to have your gas line assessed for the safety of you, your family, and your home.

Experiencing Any of These 3 Things? Your Gas Line May Need to be Repaired or Replaced!

1. You Smell or Hear Gas Leaking

Your home’s gas line supplies gas to the necessary objects in a completely contained and safe way.  If you can smell gas, it means that there is a leak and the gas line needs to be repaired or replaced right away.  Gas smells like sulfur or rotten eggs and has a fairly distinct smell from other common home odors.

In addition to smelling gas, you may be able to hear the gas line leaking.  If you can hear a hissing or whistling noise coming from near your gas line, you may have a leak or damage to the line that should be looked at by a plumber right away.

2. Your Gas Bill Seems to High

If you notice that your gas bill has suddenly increased for no particular reason, or just seems to be too high, it could be because gas is leaking.  Compare your previous gas bills to your current bill, and if possible, compare the previous year’s bill from the same month for an even more accurate comparison.  If it seems off, contact a plumber to inspect your gas line.

3. You See Dead Plants or Vegetation

If you have been caring for your plants or vegetation in your landscape as normal but you notice dead plants or vegetation in a particular area for no particular reason, you may have a gas leak. Plants and vegetation will turn brown when exposed to gas so if you notice this problem, contact a plumber right away.