Update These Plumbing Fixtures When Remodeling Your Home

When remodeling your home, it is important to remember to address all of the details, both large and small.  Without doing so, it would be like putting on a gorgeous new dress but wearing it to a party with old, worn out shoes – the shoes will take away from the overall look of the dress and the final results will be diminished.  Remodeling your home involves a lot of decision making but one decision that should never be overlooked is plumbing fixtures.  Plumbing fixtures are the like the accessory to an outfit, if they are old and worn out or just ugly then it ruins the overall look.  Don’t spend thousands of dollars remodeling your home only to have it look incomplete or less-than-perfect because you forgot to upgrade your plumbing fixtures.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or entire home, one of the most important plumbing fixtures to upgrade is your faucet.  You may not realize it but a faucet says a lot about the style of a space.  First, every faucet has a unique style – some are very traditional, some are transitional, and some are modern.  There are many different styles from which to choose so it is best to choose a style that integrates well with the room’s overall style.  Additionally, there are many different finishes from which to choose.  There is stainless steel, brushed nickel, golf, brass, chrome, polished nickel, satin bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass, copper, matte black, white and more.  Yes, each of those finishes is different and has a very distinct look.  The last thing you want to do is complete a stunning modern bathroom remodel but have an old, traditional-looking brass faucet.  It will completely ruin the look.  No remodel is complete without updating and upgrading the faucet.

Next, if you are remodeling a bathroom it is a great idea to also update the shower head and handles.  As aforementioned, there are many different styles and finishes from which to choose. If you are looking for the easiest way to choose a seamless look for the space, you can choose a coordinating style with your faucet.  However, some people opt to mix and match their plumbing fixture finishes while still staying in the same style for a unique, custom look.  If you need assistance choosing the right finish or style of plumbing fixtures, consult an experience plumber who will be able to offer their expertise and guidance so that you complete the remodel of your dreams.