Plumbing Fixes To Know Before You Call A Plumber

Almost everyone will encounter a plumbing problem that needs attention at one point or another.  Some plumbing projects and plumbing problems can be completed or repaired easily by a homeowner, while others cannot.  The last thing anyone wants is to try to fix a plumbing problem only to wind up making the problem far worse and more expensive for a professional to fix.  When it comes to plumbing emergencies, there are certain things you can fix on your own but it is also good to know when it is time to put down the tools and call the professionals to get the job done correctly.  Below are plumbing emergencies that you can fix before you call your plumber.

Turn the Water Supply Off

Every single homeowner or renter should know how to turn their water supply off.  This is particularly important because, should your faucet suddenly start flooding your home you will know how to turn the water supply off so that no more water comes out which can prevent further damage from occurring.  When it comes to sinks, there are typically two valves under the sink – one for hot and one for cold water.  For toilets, the valves are usually on the wall or on the pipe behind the toilet.  If you need to turn the water supply off, simply turn the valves to the right.  If for any reason that still does not do the trick you need to turn off your main water supply to the house which can be more difficult to locate.  Be sure to locate your main water supply as soon as possible so that you will know exactly where to find it should an emergency occur.

A Running Toilet

A running toilet is a common plumbing problem but one that is usually relatively easy to fix.  If it seems like the toilet just keeps running after you flush it you will probably need to open up the tank at the back of the toilet to check the stop valve and floater switch.  The floater switch is the large bulb in the toilet which helps the toilet know that the tank is full and shuts off the running water.  A replacement assembly for this can be found at your local hardware store and is relatively inexpensive and easy to change out.

Replacing Your Shower Head

If you need to replace your shower head there is probably no need to call a plumber.  Typically, the existing shower head should simply unscrew and detach from the shower arm that is attached to the wall.  Once unscrewed you should be able to screw the new shower head on and the replacement is complete!