Install Low GPF Toilets To Save Water And Money

If you ask homeowners if they want to be more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and save money on utilities it would be pretty surprising to find one that says ‘no.’  There are many easy and relatively inexpensive home upgrades a homeowner can make to do just that.  If you have old or inefficient toilets in your home, having an experienced and qualified plumber install low GPF toilets in your home can save a lot of water and ultimately money on utility bills.

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with what ‘low GPF’ means but GPF simply stands for ‘gallons per flush.’  Another way people refer to low GPF toilets is to call them ‘low flow toilets.’  The first thing many people wonder is how much water a low GPF toilet really saves.  The short answer – a lot.  And, the other question many homeowners have is, “Do low flow toilets really get the job done?”  After all, if you have to flush twice as much just to get the job done then have you really saved any water or money?  Older low GPF toilets may have been a work in progress but today’s models really do get the job done.  HouseLogic explains the water and cost savings, as well as how effective modern low GPF toilets are, “A lot has changed since 1994, when low-flow toilets became the law of the land. Early versions created a bit of a stink, because while they were good at saving water — using only 1.6 gallons per flush versus as many as 7 gallons — they weren’t necessarily good at doing a toilet’s main job. Today’s low-flow models don’t have those problems. Not only are they much better performers, some also use even less water than the federal standard. So if you’re in the market for a new throne, it pays to consider a high-efficiency toilet (HET). You’ll save a bundle: According to the EPA, replacing pre-1994 guzzlers with new HETs will shave more than $90 off your annual utility bills. Plus, you’ll be sending thousands fewer gallons a year down the drain.”

Toilets account for a huge percentage of a home’s water usage – approximately 30%, in fact!  By having a plumber install new low GPF toilets your home will save a significant amount of water and you will not have to flush any more than normal.  All of that translates into a significant annual savings on utilities as well as making your home more valuable and eco-friendly.