5 Indications That You Might Need A New Sewer Line

The sewer line is located beneath your home. For the most part, these structures are built to last for a while. However, you may one day discover that yours is no longer operating as it needs to. A sewer line replacement should be sought if that is the case. The following symptoms are good indicators that it is time to look into a new sewer system.

1. Constant Clogging

Clogs are common, and most of the time, they are a result of grease or other pieces of debris getting stuck in the pipes. They can be removed fairly easily, but you need to be mindful if your plumbing fixtures are clogging constantly. This means the culprit is more likely a break in the sewer line rather than debris getting stuck.

2. Low Water Pressure

You should be familiar with the force at which water is pushed out of your sinks and shower heads. Over time, the water may be pushed out with barely any force or a lot more. Either way, you should get your system looked at because it could be a sign you need a sewer line replacement.

3. Dampness in Lawn

Many properties have the sewer line located beneath the yard. You may figure out it is leaking because damp spots have appeared in your lawn. Another indicator is that a certain patch of grass is much greener than the rest. This is due to it receiving more moisture than all the other foliage.

4. Awful Odors

One symptom you will notice immediately is that strange, unpleasant scents are wafting about inside your home. This odor is coming from all the debris in the sewer line getting pushed back into the pipes. The odor can also be a result of mildew and mold that has begun to develop. Many times, these stenches indicate that a pipe has already burst.

5. Skyrocketing Water Bills

Leaks in your plumbing system mean that you can expect your water bill to increase significantly. Depending on the extent of the damage, your bill could be over $100 more than usual. Pay attention to the amount you are spending on water each month, and if your bill unexpectedly skyrockets, then you need to take immediate action before you waste even more money.

A sewer line replacement is a lot of work, but when your old sewer line has broken down, it is the only option. As soon as you notice problems, contact professionals to help get your home’s plumbing back in good condition.