What To Check For And How To Avoid Water Pressure Loss In Your Shower

There are few things more relaxing and enjoyable than a nice hot shower,.  That is unless, of course, the water pressure is lack luster.  Nobody wants to have to spend needless time scrubbing and scrubbing just to get the shampoo out of their hair because the water pressure is bad.   Water pressure can naturally vary if your shower head has pressure balancing valve limitations (many do).  That means that if you are showering and someone flushes a nearby toilet or turns on the sink it may cause your water pressure to temporarily vary but it will return to normal.  That is not necessarily the kind of water pressure loss that we are discussing or with which you need to be concerned. And if you are – have a plumber install a thermostatic shower valve and that will solve the issue. If your shower started out with great water pressure but seems like the water pressure is beginning to decrease, do not worry!  There are ways to avoid and fix shower water pressure loss.

The first thing to do to avoid shower pressure loss is to properly clean and maintain your shower head.  Things like hard water and the minerals in water will build up in the tiny nozzles in your shower head which clogs them and then reduces the water and pressure that comes out.  If you look and see a buildup you can simply clean your shower head and see if that solves your water pressure problems.

If you are experiencing a loss in shower pressure it could be a problem with the plumbing.  If there is a leak happening then not as much water will make its way to the shower which will reduce shower pressure.  In this case, shower pressure loss is not the only problem, finding the leak and potential damage is the other problem.  An experienced plumber will be able to know what to look for and where to look to determine if there is a leak somewhere that is diminishing water pressure.

Your home also has a main water valve that is outside your home.  Some homeowners find that the water valve has been turned or shut off for unknown reasons and that could lead to water pressure problems.  All that needs to be done is a simple visual check and adjustment to remedy this problem.  Diagnosing what is causing your shower water pressure problems can be difficult without a background knowledge of plumbing which is why if you are uncertain and want to have the problem properly fixed it is best to hire an experienced plumbing contractor.